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I am currently a 14 year old boy, who is 6 foot tall 180 lbs and 25% body fat. I am very unhappy with what I see when I wake up in the morning and I hope you guys can help change that. Should I calorie cut? I’ve heard it is dangerous when you are growing like I am. What workout program would you recommend? Since most workout programs are targeted for adults. Finally, what would be a weekly plan for me to lose body fat and gain muscle? My goals are for my abs to be visible at 9% body fat by Memorial Day next year. So I you please help, that would be great.

Thank You!!!!!!

Yes, most workouts are targeted for adults, and while you are not legally an adult... your body is ready to be one. I began training (ie. lifting weights) at 12 years old. I've done martial arts since I was about 8 years old... almost 40 years later I'm still doing the same things. Train properly (technique, frequency, intensity, duration, etc.) and all will be fine. If you have a knowledgable coach in your area he may help you. Or even better... find a martial arts academy. The best martial art is the one you enjoy and will stick with for years to come. I recommend Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sambo, Judo, Muay Thai, or MMA. BJJ is definitely number one if that is an option.

At 14 you probably have little to say with what food is being bought at the grocery store, but you can moderate the amounts you eat. For now, begin training in one of the ways stated above, and if fat is not coming off then begin reducing what you are currently eating. Obviously no candy, no sugary sodas or drink (i.e. juice), and in general as little sugar as possible. From there, you can begin reducing grains or other carbohydrates. Keep it simple and you'll be okay.

On a bigger note, I can not stress enough how import and life changing it can be for you to get involved in a challenging and/or competitive athletic endeavor like martial arts. You will likely find that your confidence will grow, and your unhappiness with your appearance will subside. Your body is simply a vehicle that moves the real you about in this world. There are plenty of people who walk around with ripped abs, but disgusting character. Focus on developing character, discipline, and kindness and it will all workout.

All the best.

I am a 37 year old female. I am 5'4 and currently weigh 138 pounds. I have been weightlifting with a trainer for a year now and I am struggling to lose weight and body fat. I work out 5 days a week for about an hour and twenty minutes. My trainer had me on a diet eating around 1600-1800 calories a day consisting of about 200 grams of complex carbs and around 120 grams of lean protein. I was losing for a few months, I lost about 10 pounds but in the past few months I have gained most of it back. I am still following the diet he gave me but I am not seeing any results. I am starting a 60 day challenge at the gym and I really want to succeed. A year ago I was assessed at a nutritionist and I had 22% body fat. I was just assessed by my trainer at the gym and now have 28% body fat, I am not sure how this can be. Can you please help me with a diet plan I should follow to help me start seeing some results and drastically reduce my body fat? Thank you

Your calories are likely too high. I'd have you around 1400/day. Also for many people as we age we become less insulin sensitive, so your carb intake is likely too high as well.

Eliminating all sugar, and trying to keep your carbs low - around 100g or less/day... (calories coming primarily from fats and proteins) should help you get to your goals.

Not knowing your medical history, lifestyle, and preferences you may want to look into something like ketogenic diets or paleo diets as a source of food plans.

Give it a few weeks and see if you're moving in the right direction. If you are, great. Keep going. If not, you may want to get some blood work done to check your hormone levels (Thyroid panel, estrogen, testosterone,etc) and inflammatory markers (i.e. c-reactive protein).

All that said, rethink your plan of "drastically reducing body fat." Unless you like the idea of putting it all back on and then some. Rather, think more along the lines of "healthfully and methodically reducing body fat." The mind your most powerful tool employed in sculpting your body.

Good luck!

Hey! I am a 21 year old Female, weighing 156 pounds and i'm 5'7 tall. I recently gained so much weight in the past year, due to college and stress eating. So I decided to hit the gym in the beginning of March 2017. I have been loyal to going at least 3-4 days a week. My workout consists of jogging 2 1/2 miles, squatting, ab workouts, jump rope, and a few other machines that work my arms and legs. Since I have been there for a month, I decided to start burst training on the treadmill. I know with interval training, I will be burning more calories at rest and gaining muscles as well as losing fat. I want to at least do it 3 times a week. How can I fit this into my schedule? Also, if I do burst training one day, do I have to skip the next gym day, or can I go and work on my regular routine? I was thinking maybe 1 day burst training minus the 2 1/2 miles, and the next day my regular routine.

Thank you so much!

Not knowing your current progress and assuming you are moving in the right direction with your physique, your idea at the end of your question is a good one. Begin slowly incorporating burst training (HIIT) into your schedule. If your body (i.e. joints and muscles) do well with HIIT then I'd recommend doing more HIIT and back off the steady state running all together. IF... you really enjoy time on the track or treadmill and/or really enjoy steady state cardio you can walk (instead of run) and get about the same benefit while lessoning the impact on your joints.

Keep it up and remember that most people lose fat in the kitchen, not in the gym. Release your stress in the gym and not on food, and you should be able to achieve your goals.
Good luck!

Hey there, When I started gyming and dieting I weighed 106 Kg, its been about 1 year and a half and I lost 26 Kg. I still have a little bit of stubborn belly fat and I've been stuck trying to lose it, I wanted to know if the following diet is suitable.
I weigh: 80 Kg
I am 1.76 Cm
Breakfast: 3 egg whites + brown rice
Snack: 1 Rice cake with peanut butter + 1 serving of Diet Whey Protein
Lunch: 1 Chicken fillet + brown rice
Snack: just a rice cake with peanut butter
Dinner: Bowl of oats
Snack: just a rice cake with peanut butter
I'm also using a stimulant fat burner 20 min before breakfast and lunch
30 min cardio in the mornings and weights in the evenings.

Thanks for the question and info. Your diet looks good and you lost a healthy amount of weight for in a year. Stubborn belly fat is just that... stubborn. Give yourself time and make more demands on your body and you'll find the rewards you are looking for. Some suggestions: fasted cardio, intermittent fasting, ketogenic dieting, occasional cheat meals, and varied training (i.e. martial arts, cross fit, boot camp, etc.)

Don't do all these at once. Try one for 6-8 weeks and see how you do. Then another technique and compare results. Then trying combining a couple of these tricks for a few months. Have fun with the process and focus on steadily attaining a healthy weight for you.

Age: 16
Weight: 59kg
Height: 186cm
Medical issues: -
Goal: Be able to go to the beach without being afraid of people judging me :)

I have always been very skinny and although I try eating a lot, I can't gain any weight, I keep being around 60-59-58 kg

I live in a boarding school in the countryside and the nearest gym is far far away. I really feel ashamed of my body and everyday when I go to shower I see my ribs pointing out making me really feel hopeless, and I was hoping to find a way I could increase my body mass.
Currently I am not taking any protein supplement or any kind of hormones, however I am tempted to order some weight gainer protein powder or testosterone boosters. Would this help me? And if yes is there any suggestion on what would suit me the best? Something like a mild testosterone hormone because I am still 16 and to be honest a bit scared of the sides effects.

Do NOT do Testosterone boosters. You are too young (by about 8 years) and it will likely cause problems for you down the road. That said, get your blood work done. Maybe your thyroid is too active or there is some other hormone imbalance. You can't know unless you get your blood lab tested.

You also want to make sure you are digesting your food properly. Probiotics and enzymes would be a good start to help your body get all the nutrients it needs.

Beyond that weight gain is typically done through over consumption of calories. If you are not a big eater, then you may have to drink your calories. Growing up I regularly drank 2-3 dozen eggs a day. Vince Gironda taught me this method. Start with 6-12 eggs and slowly work your way up, adding 2-4 eggs at a time until you reach your limit (you'll know your limit.) Yes, these are whole, raw eggs (preferably free range... it does make a difference.) Mix them with either heavy whipping cream, or half and half. And you can use a protein powder to flavor (good whey protein often works well... I prefer MTS brand.) Only use a blender if it can stir very slowly. Do NOT use a high speed blender. OR you can simply shake them up in shaker bottles. Drink this shake though out the day in between meals.

Good luck, enjoying eating, and get cracking :)

Hi. My age is 21, height 5ft 6in and weighing 128lb,
I've joined a gym last week and have been trying to do all freestyle exercises without lifting any weight but I'm unable to do it properly like I can't do a proper military push ups instead I do a knee push up and not a single pull ups. I really want to build a lean body but I'm lacking in strength. What should I do so as to increase my strength and do all exercises properly. Your help will be really appreciated.
Thank You

First keep going and keep working hard and smart. Second give your body time to recover and adapt to the demands. And third, feed yourself nutritious, muscle building foods (good fats and proteins... and tons of fluids.)

Many people cannot do proper body weight exercises, that is why many of the machines and weights were made. Rather than doing a 128lb pull up for 0 reps, do a 60lb pull down for 4 sets of 8 reps on the pull down machine.

Leave your ego and emotions at the door when you enter the gym and just do good work to make your body better and stronger each and every time you go in. Get a trainer or a knowledgable buddy to help you with machines and weights. And when you are strong enough to properly do you body weight on the pull down machine... then go do pull ups.

Hi, I'm 18 years old, 385 lbs, male, and I've lost about 55 lbs since October of last year. I currently have no medical issues (besides being overweight, obviously). I have been trying to lose weight since for as long as I can remember, as I've been overweight a majority of my life. I tried and failed many times. This time, I'm really going for it and I want to try my absolute best.

Currently I've put myself on a diet of 1500-2000 Calories a day. I lost a good amount of weight this way. But, recently I feel like I'm on a plateau, staying between 385-90 for the last two weeks (it fluctuates now and then). Also, I've heard that I should maybe be eating more? My TDEE is like 3800. I've heard that I need to eat only about 200-300 calories less than that to lose weight. But, I've noticed that if I go over the 2000 Calories I set for myself that I start to gain again.

Is it possible that I damaged my metabolism in some way?

Also, In terms of exercise I've just been doing very little cardio (30 minutes on my exercise bike) just whenever I have time. 1-2 times a week maybe. I also work full time at a restaurant where I'm running around most of the time. So I count that as some exercise.

Should I start weight lifting?
I heard It's best to lose fat first and then gain muscle. I just don't know. Weight lifting is something that I'm very interested in so I think Id enjoy doing it. I just don't know where to start.

I want to start exercising much more, I just haven't had the time until now.

Thank you if you took the time to read all of this. I don't have much money to pay for a PT so I hope I can get some answers. Thanks!!!

PS. Goal is to lose 20lbs/a month and my goal weight is 200lbs

Great job on losing 55 pounds! If you enjoy doing cardio, please continue... but it is not a great way to lose body fat unless it's done first thing upon waking after fasting all night.
Your metabolism has probably slowed down to compensate for the caloric deficit you've put it in. The good news is you have discipline and can control what you put in your body.

While I'd prefer to know your metabolic and hormonal levels from some good blood work, I'm going to give you some basics to work off of.

1. Start lifting weights. Hard, intense resistance exercise will do wonders for your metabolism. Adding more muscle to your frame will convert your body into a fat burning machine. And seeing constant strength improvements should encourage you to keep going and never give up.

2. Use your discipline to vary your diet and allow your body to realize you are not dying. Basically, if our metabolism thinks we are not going to get any food - it slows down... Otherwise we would have died off very quickly as a species due to various famines. Remember the human body is an incredible adaptive mechanism. SO... you have to vary your diet when your body is not responding in a desirable way. This means adding "cheat" meals on occasion. These are meals that are calorically dense and completely foreign to your daily routine. This is a meal. ONE! Not a cheat day. The most common method is to diet until you no longer see progress and then add ONE cheat meal and the get back on your regular routine. For some this is every 5 days, while for others 3-4 weeks. It varies for each individual.

3. The other option is to vary your dieting techniques (ie. Intermittent fasting, paleo, ketogenic, vegan, etc.) There are a variety of ways to change the diet and caloric intake to trick the body into not realizing you are trying to take off fat (a tool for survival in times of famine.) You will still likely require cheat meals on occasion, for caloric reasons mentioned above.

Beyond these 3 basics, you may want to get some blood panel tests to see what going on metabolically (T4, T3, TSH, Total testosterone, free testosterone, E2, A1C, etc.) So for instance, if you're T3 comes back low (a common issue), your doctor can prescribe you the appropriate medicine and your mission will be that much more attainable.

Keep up the good work and good luck.

Age: 23
Weight: 108 lbs
Height: 5'3"
Training for a 21km marathon
Every time I jog, the upper center part of my abdomen, right at the ribs hurts. I believe its a muscle pain since I can massage it. I slow down when, it starts to hurt but I still finish the workout. My problem is that after the work out it still hurts. My pace is only 6-8 kph. It starts hurting after 10-15 mins of running. I do stretch my abs before and after running. I believe my breathing is correct (belly inflates and deflates). I dont eat 4 hrs before running. I only take 1-2 sips of water before running. I run 4 times a week. And its only been my 2nd week.

It's likely you are having a diaphragmatic issue. The diaphragm is a large muscle that enables us to breath appropriately. Sometimes with exhaustive cardio pulmonary exercise the diaphragm causes pain (common in running, swimming, and cycling.) It's good that you are already avoiding big meals or drinks before running as this is know to impede the diaphragm. Additionally you can try:
A: Drink FLUID throughout the day. Fluid is not just water. Fluids contain electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Chloride, Bicarbonate). You can by electrolyte water (aka fluid) or simply make your own (as I do) and drink it through out the day. Do NOT buy stuff with a bunch of sweeteners or sugars!
B. Diaphragmatic breathing exercises and vacuums. Bodybuilders and yogis are great at these and there are plenty of examples on the internet.
C. You may want to go to a good massage therapist, chiropractor, or someone like that to help if your spine or ribs are slightly out of alignment.

Oh and keep running. The diaphragmatic pain is usually worse for beginners and goes away with experience and development.

Hope that makes sense and helps.

Hey, in the last 18 months I have lost 190lbs. I went from 480lbs down to 290lb. I have been eating healthy, exercising 5-6 times a week( hockey, basketball, swimming, riding bike, running.) I have been lower my calories as I have been losing weight. But in the last 3 months I have been at a stand still, losing only 1lb. No cheat days I gave up drinking alcohol the last year. I would like to lose 30 more lbs. but for some reason I can't lose anymore weight. Just wonder if you had advice on what I should do or can do to drop a few more lbs? thank you.

First get blood work done. It will inform you about your endocrine health which may be an issue. Sometimes when people diet/ exercise and lose a lot of weight the endocrine system can "slow down" to protect us from starving or dying (it doesn't know you're trying to lose weight.) Most common is the thyroid reducing t4 or t3 conversion.
This can be corrected with supplements or drugs. Often simply adding "cheat meals" once a week is all one needs. A cheat meal is ONE meal that is way off your normal diet and is supposed to trick you body to think you're no longer starving and prime the endocrine system.
Also, if your on a low fat diet then your testosterone may be low. Again this will stall fat loss.

My second suggestion is to begin weightlifting. High intensity resistance training builds muscle, and more muscle means more caloric demand on your body. So as long as you don't start regularly eating more calories (again occasional cheat meal is good), then you should begin losing more fat again.

Finally, start getting more focused on how your clothes fit instead of the scale. If you're putting on a pound of muscle and losing a pound of fat - the scale will be misleading.

I'm 21, male, Iweigh 337 lbs my goal is to be about 190 im 6'3" i am starting going to the gym tonight and I need to come up with a workout and a diet plan to maximize my weight loss to get me to my goal

Since I don't have many specifics (i.e. timeline of goals, experience, availability to train, or current diet) I'm offering my general advice.

  1. Begin by monitoring the food you eat (i.e. food diary).  You need to know what you're doing wrong first.

  2. Then start eliminating excess/junk calories by planning your meals the day before you eat (i.e. food budget)

  3. Begin weightlifting 2-3 days a week (45 minutes), with one to two days off between workouts (i.e. M W F)

  4. Train the whole body each time until you stop seeing results, then switch to a split routine.

Thats the basics.  Fat loss is primarily due to dieting, so read up on different diets (i.e. ketogenic, south beach, paleo, etc.) and figure out which would work best for your lifestyle.  Make sure you are in a calorie deficit and all should go well.
Good luck.

I am a 39 year old female that is 300lbs. For years I have been attempting to lose this weight. I became a shut in because of shame and self consciousness. I found a diet (food wise) that will work. I can't find a workout that suits me. the ones I have tried is too fast or to slow. what I am looking for is 2 or 3 fat burning aerobic High intensity workouts that I can do at home at my weight. Mind you I have no support, none so please don't suggest. Also I have extreme depression.I Please Can you recommend 2 -3 workouts, that I can do that burns a lot of fat a calories. By the way I can't afford to buy anything extra. Please Is this possible or should I just......
I look forward to your response.

Great question with a relatively easy answer.  Just move.  Squats, chair squats, lunges, stairs, assisted push ups (like off a counter top), pick heavy things up and put them down.  Do it repeatedly and consistently, and you'll be burning more calories versus just sitting.  In fact, stand when you would otherwise sit. Bottom line... MOVE!

Now to the more important part... Get out of your home and walk.  Put on headphones and listen to uplifting music (I love Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, etc., but you may like jazz, rock, or rap...  what ever it is- it must be positive and uplifting to you!) and go outside and walk.  Hold your head up high, smile, feel the music, be grateful for the ability to walk, and walk like there is nothing that can stop you.  Develop an uplifting incantation that you can repeat to your self over and over again as you walk.  It can be a prayer, mantra, phrase, quote, etc.  But it must be something that you can say and FEEL as you walk.  For example, one that I used to motivate me when I was having a hard time was simply "Every day, in every way I'm getting stronger and stronger" and I just keep adding more things... "Every day, in every way I'm feeling more and more happy" "Every day, in every way I'm getting better and better" On and on I would recite out loud these kinds of incantations (and many more)... and still do decades later.  And yes, you must do them out loud!  If I could do it before cell phones, then you have no excuse why you can't do it now. Everyone will simply assume your are on the phone.  You are going to become your own best friend to yourself who motivates rather than critiques, who inspires rather than shames, and feels immense gratitude rather than depression.

Finally, the most important part... After working with hundreds of women I've learned that in general (you may be an exception) when there is a woman who is very obese, there is often trauma in her past.   If you have trauma in your past (psychological, emotional, sexual, and/or physical) I highly recommend you work with a great person to get you out of the self defeating trance you are in.  This person may be a priest, minister, rabbi, psychologist, hypnotist, or simply a wise friend.  But the deeper issue that brought you to where you are today, the issue that causes you to make bad decisions when you know better - must be dealt with. Then you can free yourself from your self imposed limitations, and allow the fit, joyful, and grateful girl inside shine and help others.

Good luck and God bless

I usually hit the Gym min 4 days a week and mostly focus both fitness and weight training. I have gained lots of weight after Jan-2016. My age is 29 and height is 182 cm and currently I weight around 111 kg. My trainer suggested me to maintain between 90-95 kg because of my body structure. 3 months back I have taken a fat burner course for a month, and it ended up with a positive result.

This time I am thinking about both Amino acid and Fat burner at same time. But not pretty sure about the pros and cons and whether this duo will give positive result.

Name : Shehan Barman Roy
Gender : Male
Age : 29
Weight : 111kg
Height : 182cm

Kindly suggest.

Amino acids are simply building blocks of protein.  They shouldn't be a big problem with fat burners if you really want to try them.  One specific amino acid is thought to be beneficial for fat loss, L-Carnitine.

The one thing that I might suggest is not using a broad spectrum amino, nor BCAA (as these may raise insulin), but rather just focus on L-Carnitine and perhaps Leucine (one of the 3 BCAAs.)  If you eat enough protein throughout the day you shouldn't need amino supplements.

Hi guys , I am 25 yrs old male average built. I have been going to the gym for past 8 months . when i first started i was 74 kgs and i moved to 79 kgs in three months and i was much more bulker and in the end of three months but now i feel like i have lost all the muscle and i have shrinked in size . but the weight has not changed much it s still 78kgs but everyone i meet are saying i have got small. i dont have much of belly fat and chest and other muscles have also reduced and i have been doing the same weight exercises in the gym but have increased in weight Can u guys explain to me what is happening to my body and how can i get bulky again

Without seeing pictures to compare, nor having actual measurements to quantify if there was actual loss, it's hard to say. Most likely, your body responded well to your initial training and now you've plateaued. While you may not have lost actual size - the tight, full, pumped feeling you felt when you began is no longer happening because your body has become more tuned to your new size. Another issue could simply be dehydration. Muscle volume is largely based on water, so drink fluid and see if that helps. And by fluid I mean not just water, add electrolytes.

Remember any form of bodybuilding is basically like building a sand castle. It takes constant effort to maintain, and even more resilience to improve. Your body will want to reduce itself to be a more efficient organism. Just as waves keep trying to take down the sand castle, age and the vicissitudes of life will try to take down your body building efforts. Just enjoy the process and don't give up.

I am just looking for some advice on if I should raise my calories form 1200 to like 1400 or 1500 because I am trying to build lean muscle mass and shed fat. Plus I also want a nicer bigger bubble butt and I don't know if staying at 1200 calories well help me succeed in getting what I want. I have 3 days where I do cardio mostly running on the treadmill and just started doing the start climber about 2 weeks ago to change what I do a little bit.The other 4 days I do cardio for 20-30 minutes and then for about 45 to 50 mins I lift, and I break up what I do each day.

IF you are currently losing fat and gaining muscle at 1200 calories, then yes you could do a progressive increase by 10% (120 cal.) and monitor your results.  I suggest the caloric increase should primarily be from a protein source.

HOWEVER, If you are NOT currently losing fat, then NO! I would not recommend increasing your calories at all.  Rather I'd look into adjusting the macros (Fat, Carb, Protein) content of your current caloric intake and figure out what works for you (i.e. low carb, moderate fat, high protein... possibly.)  Monitor your results and go from there.

The "bubble butt" is a product of a) genetics and b) proper training (muscle recruitment).  There is of course the third option of implants, synthol, and the like.

The general problem for most people is they do "exercises" but don't use their glute muscles properly.  Learn how to:

  1. Activate/Engage your gluteal muscles in various exercises
  2. Initiate movements with your glutes
  3. Fully contract them through a full ROM (i.e. hip flexion to extension)

That's all to say that your glutes should be screaming when you are doing squats, and be the primary muscle working... and failing.

Good luck.

I am 19, 47kg. Male.
My bench press strength is 30 kg. should i take protein. if yes how much? i also take 6 eggs daily and 100gm boiled chicken alternate days.

Depends... but I'll say "Yes." Not knowing your goals, your progress, or anything else about your diet, in general I recommend bodybuilders get 1.5 - 2 of protein per kg of body weight (depending on their ability to process effectively.) So, currently, you are consuming approximately 36 - 64g protein per day (assuming you're eating whole eggs and I'm reading your question), and that puts you at the low end (1.4g/kg) on you HIGHEST day. Start by adding 5-10grams per day. Evaluate how you digest it, and how you respond (i.e. if you're getting stronger or fatter) over the course of a month. Then increase, maintain, or decrease accordingly.

If you are asking about supplement protein, then that's really up to you. Real food is always better for a variety of reasons, but as long as you are getting a quality protein supplement that will work too. Just don't rely on supplements.